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One of my users is reporting that he’s working (heavy graphics, I
believe), and X freezes. So, to save him from rebooting, I did init 3. And waited. Almost a minute and a half later, it had not completed. I quit, killed X, and then could init 3, then init 5.

I’m not finding clues as to what hung. In messages, I see ay 31 12:07:14 gnome-session: (tracker-miner-fs:1931):
GLib-GObject-WARNING **: g_object_notify: object class ‘UpDevice’ has no property named ‘g-name-owner’
May 31 12:08:28 abrt-hook-ccpp: Process 31430 (Xorg) of user 0 killed by SIGABRT – dumping core May 31 12:08:29 gnome-session:
(gnome-settings-daemon:1677): Gdk-WARNING **: gnome-settings-daemon: Fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X server :0.

The abrt is, I believe, when I killed X. I can’t find anything googling, anyone got any thoughts on this? 7.3.1611. Looking at yum.log, I see the cron job updated glibc, dracut, and systemd a few days after I fully updated and rebooted it.