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In another thread I talked about running CI testing on a package before release. I thought I would explain that a bit more AND ask for tests, if they are needed.

Prior to pushing newly released packages into the main CentOS os, updates, extras, cr, or fasttrack repositories, we run our t_functional CI test suite on the entire repo set. So if we are releasing an update, it would be against the os and updates repositories. Or if we release fasttrack package, it would be os, updates, fasttrack repositories.

We also run this test suite on the final OS repository during point release upgrades.

Here is information on the t_functional suite.


And here is where I actually run the suite prior to releasing updates:


The reason I bring this up is we will accept updates to the tests to check for things that should be tested prior to release of a repository.

If you know of something that we sometimes get wrong and create a test that returns exit code other than 0 for a fail, and if you can convince us (on the CentOS-Devel mailing list) that it should be included, then you can help us release better updates to CentOS Linux.