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hi guys,

I just want to drop in a quick note about the first ever CentOS Dojo that is taking place in Antwerp on the 8th April – if you are in the area, or can get there – I highly recommend you come along. Its going to be a great day, with lots of face to face tech conversations and user stories on and around real world challenges on CentOS.

http://wiki.CentOS.org/Events/Dojo/Antwerp2013 has the lineup of people doing the sessions; Plus we have sponsored Lunch and maybe a few beers at the end, along with lots of socialising and networking opportunities during the day.

In addition to the lineup, we also have an open CentOS forum that runs for an hour, where anyone can ask any question about the CentOS project, its past, its present and where we are heading – and any concern that people might have about the project.

We will also have open spaces, where people can get up, do a quick ignite like 5 min talk about pretty much anything ( we just ask that everyone imagine their grand mother is also watching, so keep content sanity in mind ).

The sessions run like Dojo sessions, so they are not like talks at a conference, this is a lot more user interactive and driven around the CentOS mindset – so no one is trying to sell you anything or make their toys look better than someone elses.

There are only a few tickets left, so register soon!

Note: For all you US side people, hang tight – we have something coming you way soon as well.