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The second CentOS user interaction Dojo is taking place at Phoenix, AZ, USA on the 10th May 2013. And once again, we have a great line up of speakers covering a broad spectrum of technologies that people running CentOS usualy care about most. For details on the speakers, the topics and the venue : http://wiki.CentOS.org/Events/Dojo/Phoenix2013

The early bird ticket sales end on the 30th Apr, so if you can make it –
be sure to register early ( You can register now at http://CentOSdojophoenix.eventbrite.co.uk/ )

The plan is to start at 9:00 with the sessions starting at 9:30, and a nice long lunch break in the middle, with evening BoF sessions and maybe even open spaces for people to interact and talk about the things they care about most : And I’ll be fielding any questions that anyone had about and on CentOS, the project as well as CentOS Linux, the distribution.

Note: This is a not for profit event, all ticket sales revenue is cycled back into paying for attendee t-shirts, catering at the venue and costs for the event itself.

Looking forward to seeing some of the mailing list regulars on the day.

– KB

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  • Les Mikesell wrote:

    Yeah, for those of us with a) no vacation time to spare, and b) zero chance of getting our employer to send us to it?


  • There are no plans for recoding the sessions at this point, the cost involved in doing this productively makes it kinda hard. For the sessions that do use slides, I will try and gather them onto the page one the Dojo is done.

  • The final list of speakers and sessions is now online, its going to be a great day! If you can, come along.

    – KB