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I noticed that recent source repositories for CentOS Extras packages do not have SRPMs for each available RPM.

In particular, I wanted to download the SRPM for cloud-init. After enabling the extras-source repository, `yumdownloader –source cloud-init` doesn’t find any package. This used to work on CentOS 7.0.

See the content of the following two repos:


compared with http://vault.CentOS.org/7.0.1406/extras/Source/SPackages/

It looks like only packages which were updated have made it in the newer repositories.

Thanks, Pierre

One thought on - CentOS Extras SRPMs For 7.1 / 7.2

  • OK .. I have updated the SRPMs to include those carried over and not newly built in the 7.2.1511 Source directory

    May take a little while to sync out from the master mirror.

    Thanks, Johnny Hughes