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We have, like in the years past, a table at Fosdem and I’d like to get some tshirts printed to hand out. In the past, the Linux Ninja’s and Beards ones got quite a bit of attention ( and both were not brand spammy, which is always nice ).

Reaching out to the mailing list for ideas on what we can do this year, with the caveat that I need to finalise by this weekend if we are to get anything in by Fosdem.

thanks in advance,

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  • How about the CentOS T-shirt wearing penguin with a red fedora cocked on this head.

    Padre King Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE DROID

    Karanbir Singh wrote:

  • Karanbir

    Whatever you guys come up with, I hope it has “CentOS” somewhere in the printing. I also hope that geeks like me who aren’t present at that conference have a chance to get the T-shirts, even if we have to pay for shipping.

    David Kurn San Francisco

    At 03:07 PM 1/9/2014, you wrote:

  • I will be in too at Fosdem and I want a t-shirt :)

    see you there

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  • Since I can’t make to Fosdem and being an owner of the two Linux Ninja versions, I’d be delighted to see them on the online shop again :)

  • we’ve used a university printing shop in California for the US print runs, but a large marjority have been done here in the UK. Both setups told me that the print runs ran at cost.

    going forward, I’ve been told that Red Hat have a company they work with for all these sorts of things, so we might need to go down that route for anything that they sponsor – ofcourse, others are welcome to – and I
    would highly encourage – to come forward and sponsor things, and we can get those done from anywhere that works.

    – KB

  • the british made CentOS t shirts I got were quite nice. different sort of fabric than we typically get stateside, very soft.

  • So I guess if anything…NOW is the time to get as much CentOS
    gear…BEFORE the new stuff comes out?…then you can claim they’re
    “classic” and “Original” LOL!

    EGO II