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I have two CentOS6 boxes, both running Bind as a local resolver, with what appears to me to be the same configuration as each other. I have a problem on one but not the other, to do with DNSSEC Lookaside Validation.

On the box with the problem, if I do: host www.bbc.co.uk
(for example), it sits there for a while, then gives me a timeout error. I did some tests while running a tcpdump packet capture on udp port 53, and I discovered that bind was fetching the correct answer normally, and then performing a validation query to one of the DLV servers at ISC
(e.g.,, or It was not receiving any reply. After several seconds, it tried another DLV server and again received no reply.

A similar test on the other box receives replies from ISC no problem.

I have tried disabling iptables on the failing box, but that didn’t help. I’m assuming something in the request causes ISC to ignore it.

The relevant parts of named.conf are the same on both boxes, and are pretty close to the stock installation from CentOS6:


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  • In article <520D158F.9080008@plnet.rs>, Ljubomir Ljubojevic wrote:

    No, that’s not easy to do, as the two boxes are in different providers with specific assigned IP addresses.

    I haven’t had time to test more since my original posting, so any other suggestions would be welcome too!

    I guess I may have to go and subscribe to the bind list…

    Cheers Tony