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Op 28-02-13 10:04, jvermeulen schreef:

Solved after removing Elrepo-package kmod-nvidia. I had that installed for being able to use an external monitor.

greetings, J.

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  • Without posting any details like what version of the driver you are using, or a copy of your xorg.log file showing the errors it’s impossible to say or do much other than guess at the problem.

    However, I have done my best to test your scenario. The latest NVIDIA
    driver to support your hardware (from elrepo) is kmod-nvidia-304xx, the
    304 series legacy driver (if you are unsure, trying installing and running nvidia-detect from elrepo which will advise you of the correct driver for your hardware).

    I can tell you that this driver works fine with the 6.4 update. There was some doubt about whether older drivers would support 6.4 as Xorg received an ABI update to 13.1 in the 6.4 release which older display drivers might not support. However, I have confirmed that the 304.xx legacy drivers and the latest 310.xx series NVIDIA drivers both fully support the version of Xorg shipped with 6.4

    So, my best guess is that you were maybe running an old version of the NVIDIA drivers and needed to update? But as I said above, without any further clues to work with I’m really guessing in the dark.

  • Op 28-02-13 12:21, Ned Slider schreef:


    thanks for looking in to this.

    Indeed, I should have included xorg.log. It took me longer than it should have to realize it was a “graphical issue”.

    Not updating could be the issue, I installed kmod-nvidia but never ran an update with Elrepo repo enabled. I will test that and report back.

    Greetings, J.

  • That indeed sounds like the issue. Try (re)installing the latest version that supports your hardware, kmod-nvidia-304xx:

    yum install kmod-nvidia-304xx

    and reboot.

    Hope that helps.