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I am looking for one of those very small USB wifi adapters for the server I am working on. I am tired of dealing with the 4″ long TP-LINK
I have and for my purposes, one of those little 1cm ones would do. But which work with Linux? When I was last in the store, only the TP-LINK
said it was supported on Linux…


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  • Just to add, the RHEL 7.3 kernel backported the wireless stack from kernel-4.7, so if a chipset is supported by kernel-4.7 then it should be supported in latest CentOS 7.

    Hope that helps.

  • in general, the back of a server, buried under all the cables, and right up against the metal box is a lousy place for an RF antenna…

  • Agree. But it is even worse: iron is the worst case to have near GHz frequency antenna: it is conductor, but not the good one, hence it will eat up RF dissipating RF energy… Be it aluminum or copper, they will be just reflecting RF, thus creating funny (“interference”) radiation pattern, but they will not dissipate RF energy. Similar “bad environment”
    for RF antennae was found in macbook titanium: antenna openings were in plastic frame, the last for better paint adhesion was metallized, first layer of metal film deposited on plastic is usually nickel, which is magnetic (with poor magnetic quality at 2.4 GHz), and poorly conductive. That is why macbook titanium had worst WiFi one ever had seen in laptops.


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  • and in addition, if location is a problem, you could dangle your dongle (ha ha) on the end of a short USB cable so that it isn’t right next to the computer (which generates its own RF noise).