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I have read:

My server is up all the time and will serve time to internal systems
(via DHCP options).

Caveat is that my server is an armv7 (Cubieboard2) which does not have an RTC (no battery). So whenever the system boots, the time is ZERO
(Dec 31, 1969 or some such).

Chrony fixes this really fast; shortly after boot the time is good. Chrony CAN be configed as an internal time server. But chrony does not seem to step the clock for any adjustments needed. It is more important that this systems time be right all the time than to avoid clock steps.

This brings me back to NTP, which normally takes hours to bring the time from ZERO to current, but keeps the time correct.


Can Chrony check the time, say once a day?

Or can NTP make a BIG time jump all at once (on system restart)?


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