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Friends I have the following Cisco DPC3825. Enter the settings and put in the DMZ web server that I have, but when I try to access it from another network I get the error code 504, which is the gateway problem. I can access the server via SSH without problems. Research on google for 3 days and can not find the solution to my problem.

This router is different compared to the ones I had.

The IP to access my router via web from the local network is, and the IP of the server I put in the DMZ is

No other information could you provide to clarify my problem.

Sincerely Fidel Dominguez

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  • assuming the network masks for both those are /24 ( they won’t be able to communicate directly as they are on different subnets. the usual trick is to temporarily add a virtual IP to the host you’re trying to connect from, like eth0:1 == then it will be able to reach

    But, as the other guy said, what exactly does this have to do with CentOS ?

  • The router is connected by network cable, and the only thing that changes in the configuration of the router was add the web server IP to the DMZ

  • since we have no idea what your network topology is, and what “DMZ”
    means in this context, meh.

    anyways, THIS IS TOTALLY OFFTOPIC ON THIS LIST. take it to a Cisco list or to Cisco technical support or something.