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I am trying to find out what compile flags and environment variables were used when compiling the python package. Is there an easy way of figuring this out? perhaps a website which shows the RPM specs?

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  • You can download and unpack src.rpm pf the python package and look at
    .spec file, it should be there.

  • Thanks Phillip. I want to build a shared version of python, 2.7.5 onto NFS
    so other users can use it so I want something the most compatable and without doing a lot of LD_LIBRARY_PATH :-)

    It would be cool if I can install RPMs on NFS

  • Please do not top-post, write below our texts.

    IUS repository ( has python27
    packages that should be complementary to regular CetnOS 6.x python package (it is not replaced). You might want to check that.

    Installing on NFS? You mean to install it on a server that runs NFS
    daemon? IUS package could be a solution is admins of the server agree.

  • Sorry about top posting.

    No, thats not what I meant.

    Instead of installing the RPMs on 40+ servers and having to get the latest version of Numpy (usually we want to bleeding edge), I prefer to have a good version of Python in /nfs/mountpoint and have all my clients mount there.