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Yesterday a upgraded a machine that I have from CentOS 6.3 to 6.4, but it doesn’t boot with the new kernel (2.6.32-358). Right after grub the screen shows a distorted image, a bit like war of the ants but static, and nothing more happens. With the old kernel (2.6.32-279) it boots fine. The motherboard is a Asus E45M1-M Pro. There’s no separate graphics card, but I use the one on the motherboard, a AMD Radeon HD
6320. Should I file bug report or is there something else to try?


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  • I’ve never used any special graphics driver on this machine. Just plain vanilla what came with the distro.


  • Hi Markus could probably the legacy vga kernel parameter help you? or is the frame-buffer mode no longer used by up-to-date boot processes?

    vga = 791 : 1024×768@64K means: screen resolution 1024×768 pixels with
    64K colors vga = 788 : 800×600@64K means: screen resolution 800×600 pixels with 64K