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Hello List,

Running CentOS Linux release 7.0.1406 (Core), and trying to update CPAN from version 1.98 to version 2.10, but it fails.

t/97-process_setup_options.t .. ok t/97-return_values.t ………. 6/10
# Failed test ‘blib/script/cpan -j t/97-lib_cpan1/CPAN/ Local::Prereq::Fails’
# at t/97-return_values.t line 49.
# got: ‘2’
# expected: ‘1’

# Failed test ‘blib/script/cpan -j t/97-lib_cpan1/CPAN/ Local::Make::Fails’
# at t/97-return_values.t line 49.
# got: ‘2’
# expected: ‘1’
t/97-return_values.t ………. 8/10
# Failed test ‘blib/script/cpan -j t/97-lib_cpan1/CPAN/ Local::Test::Fails’
# at t/97-return_values.t line 49.
# got: ‘2’
# expected: ‘1’
t/97-return_values.t ………. 9/10
# Failed test ‘blib/script/cpan -j t/97-lib_cpan1/CPAN/ Local::Unsupported::OS’
# at t/97-return_values.t line 49.
# got: ‘2’
# expected: ‘1’
t/97-return_values.t ………. 10/10
# Failed test ‘blib/script/cpan -j t/97-lib_cpan1/CPAN/ Local::Works::Fine’
# at t/97-return_values.t line 49.
# got: ‘2’
# expected: ‘0’
# Looks like you failed 5 tests of 10. t/97-return_values.t ………. Dubious, test returned 5 (wstat 1280, 0x500)
Failed 5/10 subtests

Test Summary Report

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  • It’s not a good idea to update CPAN and/or install modules from CPAN into the OS-installed perl. Use rpm packages from yum. Many can be found in the standard CentOS repo and EPEL has many as well. Take a look at perlbrew if you really need a new version of perl for some reason. If you don’t really need the new version, don’t update it.

    ❧ Brian Mathis

    CentOS mailing list

  • Thank you Kahlil for your reply.

    I made few perl changes, uninstalled CPAN, removed the .cpan dir, and reinstalled, and ran ‘install CPAN’ and everything looked much better. That is, no failures. The last part of the output was;

    t/97-mock.t ………………. ok t/97-process_options.t …….. ok t/97-process_setup_options.t .. ok t/97-return_values.t ………. ok All tests successful. Files=30, Tests=815, 79 wallclock secs ( 0.55 usr 0.04 sys + 57.45 cusr 6.75 csys = 64.79 CPU)
    Result: PASS
    /usr/bin/make test — OK
    Running make install Appending installation info to /root/perl5/lib/perl5/x86_64-linux-thread-multi/perllocal.pod
    /usr/bin/make install — OK

    And that’s it. Ran reload CPAN and it still shows v 1.98. Getting much closer? Any ideas?

    Thanks again,


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    Sent: Monday, June 29, 2015 4:49:05 PM
    Subject: Re: [CentOS] CPAN issues

    ​CPAN is a core module which can be tricky to update on the RedHat based systems.

    Suggest investigating:

    local::lib App::cpanminus Pinto​

    ​If you need a newer Perl, check out

  • ​From what I can see there you are running cpan as root and installing it under a local lib /root/perl5. The new cpan executable is is under
    /root/perl5/bin/. Thats probably not in your path? Also the modules under
    /root/perl5/lib/perl5 are probably not in your module search path.

    There is a lot of what your are doing here that is either unsafe or unwise.

    Before we go into that, could we step back a bit and discus your environment and what you are trying to achieve. Specifically, why you feel the need to upgrade CPAN at a system level? There may be a better way to solve the underlying issue.