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Thinkpad T410 running CentOS 7 with the Mate desktop (Gnome 3 is too demanding on video capabilities for this hardware)

Under CentOS 7.1 – the laptop would sleep when I closed the lid.

It no longer does. I can tell because the laptop remains warm when I
close the lid now, mail filters in Thunderbird run when the lid is closed, and it doesn’t need to re-establish wifi when opening.

This is dangerous because thinkpads cool through the keyboard.

The battery usage monitor also no longer works. It shows 99% battery even as the laptop starts giving its warning beep that the battery is exhausted and it is about to shut down.

Anyone know what broke with the update to 7.2 and how to fix it?

No 3rd party kernel modules are involved.

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  • Do you have the latest mate power manager
    (mate-power-manager-1.10.2-3) installed? There was a discussion of this issue on the list about 10 days ago, when that was still in epel-testing, but it now appears to in their production repo. Installing it seemed to have resolved the issue for the OP. With that installed my laptop suspends on lid-close.

  • I was at 1.10.2-2

    Updating now. Weird because I ran yum-update before I left for holidays, guess the repo it used from the mirror-list wasn’t freshest.

    I’ll see what happens.

  • It is sleeping now. Once the battery is fully charged, I’ll unplug and see if battery status updates as it is used.

    Thank you.