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I recently bought a Brother HL-L2360DW printer, a BW printer, and I was hoping the printer properties settings GUI could be used to adjust how colors are printed. There is a print-color-mode setting but it only has one selection: monochrome.

I was wondering if tinkering with the cups driver parameters would make the above possible? I am looking for two alternative settings:

– Forcing all colored text on a web page to black rather than various shades of gray which is very hard to read, background should be white.

– Forcing e-mails in Thunderbird to print colored character background as some shade of gray, for some reason colored character backgrounds do not show at all, i.e. white.

Are there any cups driver experts on this mailing list?

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  • That would probably be easier to do with some sort of a pre-processor before you get to the printer. Something like enscript may do what you want.