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I do have one fileserver, which is compared to other systems slow when transferring file through the lan. The test I did get a transfer speed of about 70 – 80 MB/s. I copy files by rsync or scp from a SSD disk to the servers iscsi storage and I tested to copy to a serverside RAM disk.

I copy one big file of about 2/10 GB; 2 is to the RAM disk. The point is, the mentioned one server just get rates off 35+- MB :/ To DAS HW Raid and RAM disk.

And I don’t have any clue, why it is so slow ….

All servers and clients are connected to gbit full duplex cisco switche ports, which are configured the same. The servers ar CentOS 6.3. Filesystems ext4 with default settings.

I checked cables and logfiles but don’t get any errors/warnings to.

The difference is: The concerned server has a ‘small’ CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU 3040 @ 1.86GHz Dual Core. My question: What can affect the network speed? What parameters can I check?

Thanks for any suggestion or hints! Best Regards . G

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  • Am 21.08.12 09:14, schrieb Mogens Kjaer:

    load average: 0.75, 0.23, 0.07

    Cpu(s): 56.8%us, 12.1%sy, 0.0%ni, 19.0%id, 8.6%wa, 0.3%hi, 3.1%si,

    564 root 20 0 98.5m 6872 2968 R 99.0 0.2 1:08.10 sshd
    569 root 20 0 105m 860 360 R 35.2 0.0 0:22.33 rsync


  • Am 21.08.12 09:37, schrieb Mogens Kjaer:

    Thanks, that shows a much different transfer speed :)

    I was not thinking, that rsync also involves SSH and de/encryption speed
    .. so the bottleneck looks like the cpu in my test.

    Thanks a lot I learned something new to me :) Regards . G