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If the system (wired static IP#) is powered down and stayed powered down for some period: let say 48 hours or so …. when it is rebooted again it can not establish a network connectivity for some time: 7 to 15 minutes and then everything network wise is fine…

I am unable to spot any errors in various system logs.

If you think this is on the OS/system side …. where do you think I should look to hunt down some parameter or settings that maybe causing this?

thank you, F-

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  • Over 5 minutes makes it sound like a ARP time-out somewhere(default gateway). Does ifconfig show the interface as “UP”?
    Does tcpdump show any packets coming in(background broadcast noise at least) or going out?
    What does the upstream switch show?
    Is spanning-tree blocking/listening/learning on the upstream switch?
    Can arping get a response from the IP?
    Does the upstream switch show that MAC address is learned on the right switch port?
    Are you trying to use bonding/teaming as something could be waiting for LACP packets?