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So, I’m seeing a bunch of DHCPv6 traffic coming from my CentOS7
machines. Basically, the machines are trying to send router solicitations, the packets are blocked at their egress firewalls, and I get to see the logs.

I don’t wish to disable IPv6. I don’t wish to statically configure IPv6 at this time. I wish to have the machines no longer attempting to send router solicitations as part of DHCPv6.

How do I do this? I tried


in ifcfg-ifacethatsnoteth0, but that seems to have had no effect. I
still see lines like these:

Feb 25 10:25:48 proxy-comcast-2 NetworkManager[541]:
[1424877948.384918] [rdisc/nm-lndp-rdisc.c:241] send_rs(): ([snip]):
cannot send router solicitation: -1. Feb 25 10:25:48 proxy-comcast-2 kernel: OUT-world:IN= OUT=[snip]

One thought on - Disable DHCPv6 On Cent7

  • So, DHCPV6C=”no” seems to be useless. What’s needed is IPV6INIT=”no”. That doesn’t disable IPv6 (to do that, you have to use sysctl), but it does tell NetworkManager to not try to configure it. Which is fine.