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Need to test a monitor attached to a running server, so I’m looking for an application/utility to display a large color graphic. This must be possible to do without X because a splash screen comes up when this system boots. The best graphic to display obviously would be some kind of fullscreen test pattern. Anyone know where to get that?

tia, ken

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  • Thanks, Frank. But a yum search didn’t turn up anything for me. Maybe it on some repo I’m not configured for. Do you happen to know which repo I could get it from?

  • Name : fbida Arch : x86_64
    Version : 2.07
    Release : 8.el6
    Size : 70 k Repo : epel Summary : FrameBuffer Imageviewer URL : http://linux.bytesex.org/fbida/
    License : GPLv2+
    Description : fbi displays the specified file(s) on the linux console using the
    : framebuffer device. PhotoCD, jpeg, ppm, gif, tiff, xwd, bmp and
    : png are supported directly. For other formats fbi tries to use
    : ImageMagick’s convert.

  • There are CentOS-compatible RPMs for it on epel:

    # yum list available | grep -y fbida fbida.x86_64 2.07-8.el6 epel
    fbida-fbgs.x86_64 2.07-8.el6 epel

  • Ah, it’s available only for 64-bit architectures… why it’s not showing for me.

    So I guess I need to keep looking for a solution.

  • Have you considered compiling it from source, either the src rpm or the tarball should work.

    I just tried compiling the tarball on this computer and it compiled instantly with a simple make command. I don’t have a non-64 bit computer handy right at this second to try it on, but it would take you thirty seconds to try it on your machine.