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Has anyone tested installing the newer kernels from elrepo (or somewhere else) in order to keep google-chrome updated beyond version
27? Actually, i assumed a newer kernel would come with a newer glibc but i do not see a newer glibc via elrepo, just newer kernels. hmmm.

# yum –disablerepo=* –enablerepo=elrepo* info glibc | grep -i repo only lists my already installed glibc packages from updates.

Further, google-chrome requires gtk2 version 2.24.0 or above, and i do not see that in any alternate repos either. But that is another question because
#rpm -qi gtk2-2.18.9
finds the package, but
#yum clean all
#yum –enablerepo=* search all gtk2-2.18.9
says “No Matches found”
So clearly something is messed up if yum can not find one its own packages it itself installed, so i cannot trust it to find gtk2-2.24.

For those that do not use google-chrome-stable, each time it is newly started, the following message appears close to the top of the window:
“Google Chrome has stopped updating and no longer supports this version of your operating system.”

Assuming 3rd party repos do not work directly, has anyone tried the following:

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  • On 2013-10-27 @17:37 zulu, Larry Martell scribed:

    I ran that script to get Chrome v29.x to install 6 or 7 months ago… it fetches a GTK package from a fedora 15 repo and segregates it from the CentOS GTK files, if I recall correctly…

    yum has since upgraded Chrome 3 or 4 times (now at v31.something) from Google’s repo with no further hoop jumping.

  • I’m glad this worked for you, but this is quite possibly the most horrific way to put chrome on a system. This script pulls in packages that no longer get updated, abuses LD_PRELOAD, builds as root, and quite possibly consumes raw orphaned kittens.

    This script should be classified as a criminal offense.

  • On 2013-10-27 @19:24 zulu, Jim Perrin scribed:

    On 2013-06-26 @13:03 zulu, Johnny Hughes scribed:

    What I posted should confirm that the GLIB/GCC files from the f15 repo have continued to work (actually, Chrome was at v28.x when I ran that script)… so why can’t the current Chrome be built for the extras repo?

    Thanks. :)