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After the large update from 7.2 -> 7.3 there is one major problem, the amanda backup packages.

Strange situation, the host is the amanda server is working fine at backing up all my remote clients. But it has an error backing up itself.

The amanda packages did not change version (3.3.3)
and I’ve done no configuration change.

I’m not looking for help debugging this at the moment. Instead I’d like to downgrade the amanda packages to see if the original function can be restored. But when I ask yum to downgrade, there are no packages available. Is it still possible to downgrade just these 4 packages? How? What potential problems?


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  • Looking back at the released versions, amanada was updated from 3.3.3-13
    to 3.3.3-17 in the 7.3 release.

    You can grab the old version here:

    In this instance yum can not downgrade the package for you as CentOS
    (unlike Red Hat) don’t keep all previously released versions available in the current repo so in this instance yum can’t find any previous versions as it was from the 7.2 snapshot in time whereas the current CentOS repo only contains packages from the 7.3 snapshot in time forwards.

    So you would need to grab the package from the vault (about) and manually downgrade.

    Hope that helps.

  • I recalled there was some site that retained the older packages. Thanks for the pointer.

    I downgraded and confirmed the problem now exists with the older package as well. So I conclude the problem is not with the amanda packages per se, but with something else.

    What might be affecting “bsdtcp authentication” of the current host (using FQDN, not localhost) but not remote hosts?

    It is not a firewalld nor selinux blockage, the problem persists if both are turned off.