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Hello ,

I have recently downloaded and setup CentOS 7 1503 on a device and encountered a remote connection problem which I was only able to solve via removing ebtables package .

After setup , I wanted go forward with IPtables instead of Firewalld , so remove firewalld and install iptables. After configuration and tests , I
installed Fail2Ban ,(which brought ebtables with it ) and after reboot I
was not able to connect to the device.

After every reboot, I had to logon to the device locally , restarted iptables service and then I was able to connect remotely. I traced my steps backwards and figured ebtables was the problem. After removing it , I could connect remotely after reboots. IPtables service is running just fine.

I want to use fail2ban , but I need to solve ebtables problem first. So, where sould I start? I couldn’t locate ebtables logs .

Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi,

    That’s weird. Do you happen to use any bridge in this system? Does ebtables-save give you anything? Otherwise, it shouldn’t be taking a role in there.


  • Hello ,

    No I do not use bridging . It is a fresh install , with no alterations . I
    only removed NetworkManager and manually configured the network script for static IP . After ” yum install fail2ban” (which brought ebtables with it)
    and reboot , I cannot connect .

    Kind regards.

    2015-04-12 6:12 GMT+03:00 Marcelo Ricardo Leitner

  • I only have EPEL as additional repository . It is installed from EPEL repo
    , but ebtables is in base repo .

    2015-04-14 22:43 GMT+03:00 John R Pierce :