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I use Fedora for most workstations, so I’ve only just noticed that CentOS and EPEL don’t appear to have packages for eclipse. All of the Google search results I’ve seen that contain a process for installation merely document downloading the tarball from

Is there a yum repo for these packages? Does CentOS not rebuild the Red Hat software collections?

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  • That’s embarrassing. Of course they do. Found it.

    # yum install CentOS-release-scl
    # yum list devtoolset-4-eclipse\*

  • Of course, the next question is: Is it possible to install Eclipse in a way that doesn’t require users to run “scl enable devtoolset-4 bash” in a terminal? Or can selected software collections be enabled by default in new sessions?

  • Hint:
    put a scriplet into /etc/profile.d/ and it will be executed on login.

    See already existing files for examples.

    – Yamaban.

  • Option 1: Write a little bash script that contains that command. Name it eclipse and put it into ~/bin.

    Option 2: Write a little bash script that contains that command. Create a custom launcher with Mate, Kde, Gnome or what’s your pleasure.

  • I believe the scl package that contains eclipse already includes a .desktop file that launches eclipse.

  • If you haven’t used “scl,” and I hadn’t before yesterday, it creates a new session with environment variables set up to access applications installed in a semi-isolated path. It can’t be called from the bash profile as far as I can tell, and its execution isn’t documented in its own man page. I could check its code to duplicate its functionality, but I was hoping for a simple answer from someone who uses it.

  • Its just a slightly more complex command line:

    $ scl enable devtoolset-3 eclipse

    … this will load the devtoolset-3 SCL and then execute ‘eclipse’.

  • Yes, I know that. I was hoping to better understand how scl works, and whether or not new sessions could simply enable a collection by default.