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greetings list,

i am creating a new thread because of comment made by;

From: Nicolas Thierry-Mieg

in thread “Subject: [CentOS] erase disk”.

in past readings about;

erasing an hdd, forensics of hard disk drives, dban, destroying hdd

i submit these links for those who may wish to further their knowledge on primaries of hdd forensics;

hard disk drive forensics – Ixquick Web Search About 28 results

hdd forensics – Ixquick Web Search About 8,410 results

forensics of hard disk drive – Ixquick Web Search About 5 results [actually, 1]

forensics of hdd – Ixquick Web Search About 819,695 results

of the above, #3 relates to a book;

Spin-stand Microscopy of Hard Disk Data
(Elsevier Series in Electromagnetism) [Hardcover]

which is available thru “” and i would imagine other good book supplies.

at amazon, there is;

/*quote Book Description Publication Date: April 11, 2007 | ISBN-10: 0080444652 |
ISBN-13: 978-0080444659 | Edition: 1

This book provides an in-depth exposition of spin-stand microscopy of hard disk data which is a new technique recently developed and extensively tested by the authors of the book. Spin-stand microscopy is the first magnetic imaging technique where imaging is performed ex-situ on a rotating disk mounted on a spin-stand. This technique is one of the fastest scanning-based microscopy techniques. It is non-invasive and has nano-scale resolution. For these reasons, it provides unique capabilities for the visualization of magnetization patterns recorded on hard disks.

i do not have book, tho if i have $237.50 and nothing better to spend it on, i may purchase it.

as can be seen by “results” of above links, there is a lot of information available related to “Subject:”.

something that, in my current and passed readings, many do not seem aware of is that even tho ‘dban’ can be use to remove data, it _does_not_ guarantee removing, beyond recovery, data on a hard disk.

head gap wear and bearing wear factor in highly as to whether or not data can be readily recovered, and to a greater factor, if hdd is mounted vertical or horizontal.

if one wishes, as mentioned in two of post, “sledge hammer” and
“hydraulic wedge”, are good ways.

much better, and more assured is ‘degaussing’ disk platters, even which will leave a small bias.

best way, of insuring data removal is to scrape disks clean of coating, or to burn off coating. i have used latter.