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The Red Hat engineers disabled the ffmpeg capability of firefox a couple releases back due to stability issues. CentOS also has removed it as for our main repositories, we build the source code for RHEL with as few changes for branding/artwork as we can.

That said, we (I :D) want a firefox with ffmpeg support available, therefore I have created a CentOSplus version of firefox that has ffmpeg enabled starting with version 45.4.0-1, released to the repositories a few minutes ago. You can get it from the CentOS Plus Repository:

Now that we are maintaining a CentOSPlus Firefox .. if there are other things people want compiled into Firefox that are configure options and you are creating/compiling a new firefox, please use the CentOS-Devel mailing list to discuss this with me and we can try to roll those things into the CentOS Plus version of Firefox.

Since CentOS-5 is End Of Life in about 6 months, I don’t plan to add a Firefox to CentOS Plus there unless there are many who absolutely need it.

Thanks, Johnny Hughes


4 thoughts on - Firefox 45.4.0-1 For CentOS-6 And CentOS-7

  • Gosh. Brilliant, excellent.

    We (everyone including me) are gratefully for your tremendous and magnificent technical support; not forgetting all the other members of the dedicated ‘C’ team whose efforts make CentOS probably the best
    ‘free’ version of Linux, certainly for business, and so dependable and enjoyable to use.


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    Thanks so much Johnny!