Firefox 46.0 Fails On CentOS 6.7 Due To GTK3 Requirement

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The latest version of firefox, 46.0 requires GTK3 and so it fails on CentOS

I know there is the ESR release supplied by upstream, but that is based on version 38. We have regularly installed the Mozilla “Linux” version of Firefox in a central location for our users, and this has worked just fine until 46.0. (I note from that even that ESR
release is due to stop being supported soon).

I filed a bugzilla report at If this matters to you, please consider tagging onto that bug.

Yes, yes we have to upgrade to CentOS 7. But in our shop, the amount of work required to get this done is huge, and won’t happen soon.

The whole idea of using RHEL/CentOS is to have a stable, supported version for a long period of time. How can we do this if even a web browser won’t work?

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  • Hi,

    The latest firefox ESR for RHEL/CentOS 5, 6 and 7 is 45.1. That version should appear in CentOS updates when Mr Hughes has worked his magic.

    With 46 not being an ESR and not released for RHEL/CentOS, it is not really something most here would be too worried about.



  • Phil Wyett wrote:

    Mozilla still (currently) support GTK2 as a build option – so if want to run Firefox 46 (and above) on CentOS 6, then you will need to build it from source

    You might be able to start with the 45.1 SRPM and hack the spec file to build 46.0 …


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    Or just use the ESR version that Red Hat releases :)

    ESR is updated at intervals, and it went from 38 to 45, will go up again in 6 or 7 releases again.

    Things move on (like firefox) while enterprise distros purposely have a slower cadence. Fedora has GTK3 and all the other bells and whistles. If that is the type of cadence you want, Fedora is an excellent distro.

    I should have the CentOS-6 (and CentOS-5) version of Firefox 45 out in a couple of minutes .. currently building metadata and testing them on

    CentOS-7 version of Firefox 45 was released yesterday.


  • Thanks Johnny. Getting the ESR release up to 45 for CO6 is good enough for us while we work on CO7.

    I didn’t realize the ESR would ever move off of 38.x.

  • Btw. this is the first ESR after the controversial removal of the “ask me every time” cookie policy. When the new browser is started for the first time, it will reset cookie policy to the default “keep until they expire”.

    Something to look out for

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    FYI .. Here is the ESR program, run by Mozilla. Red Hat usually is very quick to move, usually at the ‘MAJOR.1’ release (in this case 45.1). You can see the next rebase will be version 52. So we will likely move from 45.7 or 45.8 to 52.0 or 52.1. Unless they do something that makes it completely incompatible with a CentOS version.


  • Johnny Hughes writes:

    Broken, at least on CentOS5. The same file/addon download problem that has plagued every new update release in I don’t remember how long. File downloads go to 99% and then stop, or don’t even start.

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    With respect to CentOS-5, it seems this patch was not migrated to the
    45.0.1 install:

    from this bugzilla:

    Let me build a version with that patch installed for testing. I’ll post here when it can be tested.