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firefox does not play h.264 videos on CentOS 7 so I need a flash plugin. But I see packages only for CentOS 6.x. What can I do?

– Gergely

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  • 2014-09-08 18:39 GMT+03:00 Gergely Buday :

    How about installing google chrome and using it’s internal flash viewer?

  • Try this:

    *Download the packet flash_player.tar.gz*

    *# cd Downloads*
    *# tar xzf “flash_player.tar.gz”*
    *# mv libflashplayer.so /home/”your_user_name”/.mozilla/plugins*
    *# cp -r usr/* /usr*

    2014-09-08 19:53 GMT-03:00 Eero Volotinen :

  • Seems a reoccurring theme, I installed CentOS tried the .yum package from Adobe, YouTube video plays, no sound, tried unpacking the tarball into the plugin folder in Mozilla folder, still no sound, yes sound worked for everything else except YouTube videos in browser. Then at a suggestion on a Linux forum tried the flash .rpm package from adobe and it worked. Finally, unrelated to this I had to do a new reinstall of CentOS on the same computer, So I used the .rpm package from the start, thinking it would work, again, nope, no sound on YouTube. I have no explanation as to why it worked , then didn’t. Tom

  • Actually it does. You need to enable gstreamer support in FF (after installing the correct GST plugins).

    Then set media.gstreamer.enabled to true.

  • In case anyone is unaware of this … we (the CentOS Project) are not authorized to redistribute Flash software. This is an Adobe rule, not one we can ignore/avoid.

    I personally recommend the official yum repo directly from Adobe which is elsewhere in this thread.