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Hey Y’all,

I have the Stanford University Folding At Home project running on three of my machines. I had them all set up so that I could control them all from my main machine,, but some time ago something changed so that I can no longer connect to the FAH clients on the other two machines. I figured it wasn’t really important so I would look into it later. Well time has passed and my Christmas break is almost passed too to I guess this is the time to figure it out.

I can still SSH onto both machines. I can ping both machines.

When I open the FAH Control on my machine connection to clients running on and fails.

I’m assuming that there would be an entry in a log on those two machines detailing the failed connection attempt.

What log file should I be looking at?

^ ^ Mark LaPierre Registered Linux user No #267004

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  • weird.

    can’t say as I have a clue. but I’d start with the various files in
    /var/log and perhaps move on to whatever log files the fahclient maintains.

    Perhaps there’s a firewall (or SeLinux) getting in the way?

    Is it safe to assume you’re running the same client version on all machines? perhaps even the latest?

    Oh, and pardon my noisiness, but what team are you folding for? If not CentOS, have you considered joining the CentOS team? over the years there have been quite a few CentOS folders, but now it’s down to just three of us.