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Hi every body I am a new CentOS user. I installed CentOS 6 on my laptop and add some software to it. How can I create a full image (boot able) back up of it. ( some thing like windows full image backup). please help!

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  • Dear Hossein,

    you can also use clonezilla because when you taking whole system storage backup then it is recommended.

  • The question is really about bare metal restore, yes?

    I would recommend clonezilla and that you create a bootable thumb drive or cd and be sure you can boot off of either and access the storage that you intent to contain your backup.


  • ‘Clonezilla-live’ is a bootable image that will do a menu-driven image copy to another disk or network storage. It will do a single disk at a time (no raid), or you can manually pick partitions. It knows enough about most filesystems to skip the unused portions.
    ‘Relax-and-Recover’ (ReaR) has a slightly different approach. It will create a bootable image including scripts to reconstruct your filesystem layout (including multiple disks, lvm, raid, etc.), and then restore a tar-type backup onto it. The actual backup part has several options included, or you can stop after the filesystem is ready and do your own restore.

  • Mike Burger wrote:

    I’ll second that! I use mondo for all my Linux distros although mondo’s author is working on the problems that have been presented by Fedora
    17’s new filesystem layout & at present, the fix ain’t in yet.

    Works flawlessly for me though & is especially smooth on CentOS (no need, I’ve found, to even alter any parameters in mindi.conf which were required on Ubuntu).

    The mondo mailing list is friendly & helpful too.