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I just read about gdevilspie on this list the other day and downloaded it for my mate desktop. Although it installed, it complains that python-wnck is not installed.

Does anyone know if it is supposed to work on mate? I would have expected it to install python-wnck as a requirement if not already installed?

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  • The package you’re missing is probably gnome-python2-libwnck.

    On my desktop it gets a different error:

    pyGTK is not correctly installed, exiting.

    Fixed by installing pygtk2-libglade. That gets a new error which is fixed by commenting out line 374 of /usr/bin/gdevilspie.

  • I don’t know but with the dependencies installed and the fix of commenting out line 374, it starts on MATE.

    A couple of concerns:

    the last commit to gdevilspie source was in Jun 12, 2010

    devilspie is no longer maintained; development moved to devilsipe2
    but that project is now looking for a new maintainer:

    devilspie2 is in epel (and Fedora). devilspie and gdevilspie packages come from nux.

  • Hello,

    I use devilspie.x86_64 (0.22) from nux repo here (CentOS7), simply works. The repo also provides devilspie2.x86_64, BTW.


  • Sorry, the *epel* repo provides devilspie2.

    Using devilspie 0.22 here and gdevilspie 0.5 (both from nux), and w/
    the dependency to gnome-python2-libwnck satisfied, I get this:

    $ gdevilspie Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/usr/bin/gdevilspie”, line 893, in
    MainWindow = RulesListWindow()
    File “/usr/bin/gdevilspie”, line 374, in __init__
    File “/usr/bin/gdevilspie”, line 545, in UpdateAutostartStatus
    if (os.path.exists(xdg.DesktopEntry.xdg_config_home + “/autostart/devilspie.desktop”)):
    AttributeError: ‘module’ object has no attribute ‘xdg_config_home’