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I’ve mostly been using MATE from epel when I use GUI access on CentOS7
because it works with x2go, but just noticed on a system with Gnome3
that I can’t drag items out of the menus to the desktop or top bar for easier access. Is there some way to make the desktop space useful for more than pretty wallpaper?

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  • Les Mikesell wrote:

    I’m not at my usual machines so I don’t have access to CentOS 7 or GNOME 3 at the moment. And even if did I tend not to bother with stuff on the desktop so I couldn’t help with that anyway.

    However, if it’s menu items in the top bar you want I do have an app for that, or rather a GNOME Shell extension. Visit

    and search for ‘Frippery Panel Favorites’. You might need to ‘yum install gnome-shell-browser-plugin’ first to allow extensions to be installed from the website.

    Frippery Panel Favorites displays icons in the top bar for applications that have been configured as favourites in the overview screen. It works in standard GNOME Shell and in classic mode. I find it much less distracting than having to switch to the overview to access frequently-used applications.


  • Sometimes I use the top bar but generally I just make a folder named apps on the desktop and drag anything used frequently from the menus into it. That approach used to work across windows/mac/gnome2/kde and made it possible to find things without traversing someone else’s arcane menu layout. But now I guess gnome3 wants to be different.