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Hi all – almost have my migration to CentOS 7 done…

My last piece is finding a way to keep menus away from users on Gnome 3.

gsettings took me pretty far, to remap gconf-tool to gsettings.

I also removed two packages gnome-shell-extension-places-menu gnome-shell-extension-app-menu

This removed the Places and Apps menu options in the top panel.

However – when doing this now I see the menu choice for “Activities”.

I am wondering if anyone knows how to remove that or make it non-functional… You can click on it and run a “terminal” which I do not desire.



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  • Mark – it is basically a Kiosk. I really dont want any icons on the screen
    – I am remotely controlling the box and what is on the screen for viewing. if someone connected a mouse I dont want them to be able to do anything. I have disable the function keys and such… thanks,