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Hello Guys,

While i work out the snapper on fedora 25 I’ve learnd more about python and snapper.

Here the changes:


Created a combat util-linux 2.24.2 from fedora 20, static only. This make snapper rollback available (needfull thing). Tryed to patch snapper, there are to many changes. This will not breake CentOS 7
system. Only works for x86 / amd64 only this days & CentOS 7, removed many condition.


Removed “Requires: grub2”, because that will install grub2 on efi systems.


– Add gpl v3 for now
– Complete rewrote the plugin against the snapper dbus interface.
– filesystem root level check
– add single shot option, as it was on fedora before I patched it.
– more flexible as other ones I saw around.
– conflicts yum-plugin-fs-snapshot

Everything can be found at:


Needs epel-release because of python34

python34-pygobject3 is one of the badest hack inside spec file. I wanne see it run with snapper-gui and compile on copr.

can be found at

Everything was tested on a Virtual Machine:

– Snapper-GUI
– snapper rollback
– yum-plugin – every option.
– grub2-btrfs

The only thing I still want to care is the grub2-btrfs plugin, so it fits to CentOS 7. Then the personal project is done.

At this time I will reinstall CentOS on my laptop on btrfs and use backup by send & receive on a blockdevice ZFS at my home server or other storage with btrfs. I will see. Hopefully turn work into fun :-).



PS: It’s up to you to get a taste on.

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  • Addendum:


    +* Sun Jul 02 2017 1.11 – 5
    +- harmonized_snapshots_entry now dertemite efi / bios patch,
    + this should be used for redhat based distros

    I think the project is finished.

    Maybe I would do well to create a little description. We will see…



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