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I *think* the problem I’ve been having with the gspca_zc3xx video drivers isn’t directly that driver. One of my users, on one of the two servers that broke, started having continuing crashes from where he enabled mediawiki to server thumbnails for some images. That crash, according to the [abrt] full crash report, is from /usr/bin/convert, and
/var/log/messages tells me kernel: convert[1880]: segfault at 7f948fbabfe8 ip 00007f949bb97d49 sp
00007f948fbabff0 error 6 in[7f949bb20000+18a000]

So, it appears to me that there was some change in either convert, or libc, that only gets hit in very, very specific cases, which I suspect has to do with the chipset. In my case, it hits a Dell PowerEdge R720, and a Penguin 1650A. Now, I find this weird, as the former is a Xeon, and the latter an older Opteron, but I can’t figure out any other possible cause, since I have no problem at all with an older Penguin, with a Xeon, and one I moved the camera to, a Dell PE R415, running an Opteron.

Deeply odd problem.