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We recently rebooted a lot of systems with the new kernel in 6.4,
2.6.32-358.11.1.el6.x86_64. Suddenly, we’re having real problems with our cheap surveillance cameras in the “computer labs”. What I see of video and jpg is only about 20%-25% of the top of the picture, and the rest is green. When the service starts, I see, in both dmesg and
/var/log/messages, gspca: bandwidth not wide enough – trying again

And they worked fine before. Anyone else seeing this, or have some thoughts on how I can attack the problem? The most recent post with this error I can find is from ’10, and isn’t really relevant.

Oh, and at least one’s on a Dell R420, I think, while another’s on an old Penguin, an Altus 1300, I think, so it’s not specific to one set of hardware.