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2012 has been a great and eventful year for CentOS, the project. CentOS
the Linux Distribution and for everyone involved, including the users.

Along with new initiatives, lots of new relationships came up – and most of all, lots of new people stepped up to help in various corners of the project. Hope to see even more new efforts kicking off in 2013 and even more people getting involved.

Everyone, have a great and safe new years. See you all in 2013.


5 thoughts on - Happy New Years Everyone

  • fred smith skrev:


    Many thanks to the CentOS-team, as well as this list for turning-point help over the year. It has been invaluable. Wish you all a happy new year!

    Skickat från min… Äh vem bryr sig.

  • Hi CentOS team,

    May this be the best CentOS year yet. May all your wishes come true in 2013

    Thanks for all the hard work.

    Kindest regards.

  • Op 01-01-13 09:00, Sorin Srbu schreef:
    +1 to this from a Belgian CentOS fan. Without this list I would often be in serious trouble.

    greetings, J.