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Hi all,

I hope someone could enlighten me… How could I resolve the fact that the volume controls of all the headphones I try on CentOS 7 are not working, they are OK on CentOS 6
but impossible to make them work on my Thinkpad Laptop with an iPhone headphones or a Marshal Monitor plugged with a jack connector… Those 2 headphones work correctly in CentOS 6… What could I do to get the same behavior on CentOS 7 and this damned Gnome 3 ?
Thanks for your help…

//\ Bernie v_/_ The Mad Axeman

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  • Not sure, volume control on my USB headphones work just fine on CentOS
    7. Both on the headphones itself and from the desktop.

    On both my home built PC and on my Thinkpad T410 (where it also works from volume buttons on keyboard)

    I use MATE though, but I don’t know if that is why.

  • On CentOS-7, some apps use PulseAudioVolumeControl (pavucontrol)
    instead of the one that defaults to the top panel. (I am running Mate, not Gnome–yuck–so YMMV).

    I wish there was a way to control all from a single place, but AFAICF
    there isn’t. for some things I use the one on the top panel (which is Mate Volume Control) and for others I gotta start up pavucontrol. it’s a nuisance.

    My USB phones seem to be controlled by the pavu control, while the speakers tend to be controlled by the mate volume control. and I can’t get my old analog (1/8 inch plug) headphones to work at all anymore, no matter what control I use or how I poke at it, all the sound comes from the speakers (which are plugged into the line out [green} jack on the rear of the computer, while the headphones are plugged into the green jack on the front.)

    digressing a little… A few years ago my systems all supported auto-switching between speakers and headphones when the phone plug was inserted, but the only one I have now that does that is my netbook. the current desk-side system and its last couple of predecessors now do not do that. Go figure.

  • Anybody have the same problem that I have with JACK plugged headphones
    (analogic) ?
    The volume controls on the cable of the headphones do not work on CentOS
    7 on my Lenovo Thinkpad T530… How could I solve this ?

    (°- Bernard Lheureux
    //\ Linux System Administrator v_/_ MailTo:bernard@lheureux.be

  • volume controls on analog headphones are purely analog, the computer doesn’t even know its there, its just an attenuator on the analog signal.