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To whom this may concern

I have read the read me file provided by the OS. I followed the directions but I can not install Codeblocks from source code. The terminal tells me that the files are not in my home folder. Whe I┬ácheck I see the folders. I don’t know what to do.

Thank you for your time.

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  • Patrick Kongawi wrote:
    a) Should I assume you mean Code::Blocks? If so, thanks, I hadn’t heard of it.
    Do you know if it requires less than that monster of bloat, eclipse?
    b) Are you trying to install it in userspace, or system? If the latter,
    are you doing this as root or sudo?
    c) How comfortable are you in *Nix? Are you pointing to ./, or did you cd
    into the created directory, and then did you do ./configure, which I
    assume they use?
    d) The terminal didn’t tell you anything. The program you were running told
    you something. What was it, *exactly*, and *exactly* what was the
    command you were running?