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My current samba domain controller is running ClearOS. But I am migrating to ARM servers (cubieboards) and using RedSleeve for now, and CentOS7arm when that gets rolling. The driver is power savings; my ROI
just on power is ~15months.

So I only run an NT style Domain Controller with XP clients and roaming user profiles. It works, as there are only a few systems here are really just my wife and I. But it is nice for my wife to hop on a laptop at the dinning table and get her same desktop as she has on the den computer.

So copying the basic Samba files is rather simple, it seems, but then there is the LDAP setup and the add machine and user scripts. So it gets complex rather quickly. I looked over on the CentOS Wiki and did not find any help there, but my search foo has always been weak.

So is there a howto I can use to get off the ‘everything (and more than I want) done for me’ bandwagon and build the basics myself?

I figure I can deal with dnsmasq, even though I am a bind kind of guy;
the configs look simple. But there is probably a dyndns piece lurking somewhere. NTP I have always done myself. I have even hacked a bit at basic Samba to maintain per user logins. But the ldap will definitely be a new experience…

thanks for any pointers (that help me :) ).

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