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Sorry to say this to everyone, but since I installed CentOS 6 a month ago I found that both Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird crash big time (meaning every day and even more than once a day) with a large INBOX or newsgroup, or with many tabs open in the Firefox windows. I also keep my work computer running over night usually, maybe this is also a factor.

Knode does not do a better job than Thunderbird with the newsgroups, either, it still crashes on large ones. Konqueror too consumes many gigabytes and becomes unresponsive if I have many tabs open and keep it running over night. I got pan newsreader though, and it is very nice with a 126000-articles a newsgroup (like on CentOS.general :)!

And that reporting tool that pops up every time says it can not upload the crash report (because it does not have some valid URL or something)…

Is there a nice way to downgrade Mozilla Firefox to say version 4 or 5 please ? And something similar for Thunderbird ?

Thank you,
Timothy Madden

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  • This isn’t the answer to your question, but you might consider
    downloading the generic FireFox and Thunderbird from
    Beta versions 13 of both packages run w/o problem on my CentOS 6 system.
    Just unpack the tar file into /usr/local and run from there.