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How do I download pictures from a dumb phone?

I have a Samsung phone I bought at a Walmart. According the the front, it worships Verizon. Beyond that, I’m not at all sure what kind.

If I use a real USB connector to connect it to my PC, CentOS sees it as a character special device. What, if anything, I can do with that device, I do not know. I’ve not found any settings related to USB.

In case it helps, from menu->settings->phone info:
S/W V. U365.GG01
H/W V. U365.04

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  • I’ve used a program called BitPim on MS Windows to copy stuff to/from
    ‘dumb’ phones like that, it specifically supports Verizon phones. I
    see there’s a Linux version, but no idea what it takes to get working.
    In addition to letting you at the pictures, it will backup and restore and edit the address book on the phone.

  • If I understand what you are asking, just:
    – make a ‘contact’ on the phone that is the Email address of an account
    on some machine you want to send the picture to, or any host that
    can receive Email with attachments..
    – Use the phone to forward the photo to that contact.
    – That works on mine. I seem to have to make a contact and use that.
    It doesn’t let me to just enter the Email address when I forward the photo.


  • That might work. The latest rpm is for CentOS 4.5, so I will need to use the source. So far, it’s not going well.

    The e-mail idea wold be good if I were willing to pay for e-mail just to move pictures.

    bitpim seem to be the most likely prospect at the moment. Anyone have a plan B?

  • Have you tried plugging a flash drive into the phone with a USB2GO cable? It might show up as a storage device and then you can just copy the pictures to the flash drive.

  • he has a dumb phone, its not going to know what a USB drive is, I doubt it even HAS a USB2go cable, the phone’s USB port is strictly slave only, this isn’t Android or IOS. it has no UI for copying anything. photos go into the photo folder, same as wallpaper is stored in.

  • * Michael Hennebry [2015-11-27 17:44]:

    If it has a Micro SD memory card slot, you can insert a SD (or SDHC)
    memory card in it, copy the pics to the card, and then read it on your computer. All of the dumb phones I’ve had or seen in the past 5-8 years or more have had such a slot. It may be internal, near the battery or SIM card slot.


  • Inserting anything other than a USB cable into the phone seems to be a no-go. There is one slightly wider and thinner recess, but no metal is in it. It looks like a slightly less dumb model would use the same outer case and a somewhat different inner case.

    From lsusb:
    Bus 002 Device 007: ID 04e8:6640 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd Usb Modem Enumerator

    [root@localhost ~]# file /dev/bus/usb/002/007
    /dev/bus/usb/002/007: character special

    I found my Service Guide. My phone is a Samsung Gusto 2. A link near,%20Photos%20&%20Videos tells me that Samsung Gusto SCH-u360’s, among others, do not support picture transfer.

    Anyone know better?

    Anyone know for sure whether bitpim would work if I could make it go?

  • I have an LG Revere, which that page also says can’t transfer pictures, but with BitPim on Windows, the pictures are treated the same as wallpapers and transfer.

  • Create a picture message and instead of putting in a cell phone number, put in an email address. Same goes for text messages.

    I’ve used BitPim in the past with some success. I don’t believe I’ve ever used BitPim on CentOS though.

    For a few pictures, simply send picture messages to your email address.