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in an attempt to display correct fonts in firefox instead of squares with binary values, i installed wrong fonts and made things worse.

how do i find out what fonts are, as i did not think to make note of what i was adding?


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  • thank you for replying, John, Frank.


    yes, they show in yum.log.

    when trying to ‘yum remove [package-name]’, yum also tries to remove libreoffice packages as well.

    should i use ‘rpm -e –nodeps [package-name]’ instead of yum?

    ria, i want to be sure i do not screw worse.

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    decided to go ahead with using ‘rpm’ and that did the trick.

    now to figure out hth to get correct fonts installed.

    thanks again for replies.

  • While I see yum.log was mentioned, I didn’t see mention of yum history.

    If you type it (you have to use root or sudo), you get a history of your yum transactoins. So you might see something like

    184 | update | 2016-08-20 16:48 | Update

    (Sorry if formatting is off). In your case, you might see

    185 install bad_font | |Install

    You can then use

    yum undo 185

    This will undo the yum transaction that installed the font.

    I realize you’ve solved your issue for the moment, but the history option is quite useful.

  • hello Scott.


    besides versatility of yum, vastness of arguments is, for me, an enjoyable learning process.

    when i found yumex wanting to also remove libreoffice files, i dropped back to yum. when yum also wanted to remove libreoffice, it was back to ‘man yum’. i saw history, but only read what it would do.

    failing to find anything to remove _only_ what i wrongly installed, it was back to basics and rpm.

    after reading your reply, i ran ‘man yum’ again to reread ‘history’.

    having done so, i am at wonder just how ‘history’ and its arguments would handle remove wrong fonts and not include libreoffice.

    at this time, i am considering installing bad fonts again just to see what will happen.

    at this time, i have more pressing duties, but will give ‘yum history’
    a run later and post back with results.

    thank you for reply and piquing my brain for further knowledge.

  • Back when you asked your original question I was certain someone would mention yum history. So I tried it out myself. What I came up with was essentially “what actions involved packages with “font” in their names. I’ll just show a bit of the output. ID is a sequential yum session #. My highest is about 120. “yum history” will show them including dates.

    $ sudo yum history packages ‘*font*’

    ID | Action(s) | Package

  • I use rpm -qa –last

    which gives me a reverse chronological order of what I installed via yum OR rpm.

    Once you get this you can query the individual package files, etc.

  • Or you could do ‘rpm -qa|grep fonts’. I’m pretty sure that all the font packages have the word ‘fonts’ in then.

    Also, I don’t believe it will harm anything to install the ‘wrong fonts’… except that they will take up disk space unnecessarily.

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