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Hello, I’m using a recent install of CentOS 7, no GUI customizations that I
recall. When I log in using the GUI it accepts my password and the mouse appears on a black screen, like it is preparing the desktop, but the desktop never appears. If I hit control-alt-f4 and log in using the command line, and then execute startx, Everything seems to work perfectly.

What sort of troubleshooting should I do to figure out what is stalling?
I’m not at all familiar with this aspect of things.

thanks, Dave

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  • We have seen this with user accounts that have defined LD_LIBRARY_PATH
    causing library conflicts with gnome.

    Another thing to try is installing proprietary video drivers for your video card.

  • ​Definitely! I’ve also generated a skeleton xorg.conf manually for testing at init level 3 using the following instructions (log in as root):

    ​This should detect the “basics” for you. ​


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