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I revived an old disk with CentOS 5.8 on it and want to update it to
5.latest (=5.11). However, it insists on getting 5.8 files. From the past I remember I would get a major release jump from 5.n to 5.m automatically. Or do I remember this wrong?
I googled a bit around, but couldn’t really find something similar.

How do I update now? The repo file looks exactly like on machines that are up to 5.11. Should I change it manually to 5.11 or just 5 paths?
Does it still understand that this is then an upgrade to a another major version?

Or should I do something different to make it upgrade to 5.11?



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  • Hi,

    Just run ‘yum upgrade’ or ‘yum update’. No other action is required. You can also add -y switch to autoselect –yes


    2016-08-15 13:36 GMT+03:00 Kai Schaetzl :

  • Eero Volotinen wrote on Mon, 15 Aug 2016 11:00:51 +0000:

    Yeah. I would have thought it checks the date of the file and tries to update it when it’s that old. Anyway, clearing the whole yum cache was a good idea as I don’t need the 5.8 rpms anymore. I just didn’t think about that first, it’s been long …

    Thanks for the quick reply! It assured me that there was no special procedure necessary, so I thought again and remembered that.