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My HP USB C3180 All-in-one printer accepts jobs, but does not print. A job simply sits in the queue. I haven’t used it on this computer for a while. It will print a test page when I connect it.

The last line from hp-info -i is
04/07/17 13:26:21 5012 Device communication error hennebry 0
(I’ve removed some blanks.)

Any ideas on how to diagnose this?

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  • I am a member of groups hennebry, sys, and lp.

    [hennebry@localhost tmp]$ lpq C3100 is ready and printing Rank Owner Job File(s) Total Size active hennebr 11 notes.txt 19456 bytes
    [hennebry@localhost tmp]$

    C3100 has been ready and printing for quite some time. There ae no other printers or queues on the system.

  • Michael Hennebry wrote:
    Ugly, ugly ideas. Is it a “winprinter”? I have an old cute laserjet 1018, and it’s a damn winprinter. What this means is that after it’s up, and there’s communications, I have to send it some data, stuff that WinDoze would, and then it works.

    Does lsusb show the printer?


  • No, because I plugged in the wrong thing. The big read device not found message went by so fast, I never noticed it. Noticed it when I went looking the pid and vid.


    Feeling duh-ish.