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I just received some advice from a colleague of a colleague over at But they use debian. Please look at this and help me out on how CentOS7 handles this:

Note the comment of the location of virtualhost config files. CentOS7
does not have a “man a2ensite”.


Rewriterules and https. Actually, looking at what you have doesn’t really tell me why it gets applied to everything and not just the webmail. However, I’d say that your roundcubemail.conf is much overworked. We use something like that on, but it generally looks like this:

ServerAdmin webmaster@localhost
ServerName ${HOSTNAME}
ServerAlias ${HOSTALIASES}

Redirect permanent /https://${HOSTNAME}/

Since you already know that the host is correct and that’s the port 80
virtualhost, there’s no point testing that with those RewriteCond you have. Also, Redirect is faster and preferable to RewriteRule for this kind of stuff, see

Also, specifically for virtualhost config files, they should be located in sites-available/ rather than conf.d/, see ‘man a2ensite’. conf.d/ is older style configuration of general stuff… or well, that’s at least true for Debian, I’m not sure this is specific for Debian distributions and their derivates or if it’s a native Apache thing. You’ll have to check the manuals to confirm.

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