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I’ve been having a lot of issues with video, for example. However, this one… I have a user with a Dell R730. I install kernel and kernel devel, and the rest of the full update, and rebooted.

Nope. 100% kernel panic, right around the time it switches root. I even rebuilt the initramfs, nope.

And speaking of kernel panics, has *anyone* ever considered that all the data dumped to the console during one results in NOT BEING ABLE TO READ
ANYTHING BUT THE LAST 24 or less, mostly less, lines?

mark, frustrated, removed that kernel

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  • J Martin Rushton wrote:
    Smartass. I never had that…. But, really, what’s the point of dumping many, many lines of data… when it cannot be read? Why not assume that it’s going to happen on a normal terminal, and dump no more than 25
    80-char lines? So the admin might maybe possibly have a clue as to what caused it?


  • mark, if you have kdump enabled, you can see the full log in
    /var/crash (after next boot).


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  • Surely you do realize there are SEVERAL other display options besides just the video console, right?

    You can use kdump, you can use a serial console .. you can use google and the search term ‘capture kernel oops’ to get more than 10 full search page results on how to capture the output of a kernel oops.