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I frequently exchange e-mails, read and write documents and visit Chinese websites although the language of my computer is English.

As I was translating a Chinese document yesterday, I had three characters I was not able to translate and after much hair-pulling realized to my surprise that they may be incorrectly drawn in CentOS 7. These very characters in the same document were drawn correctly on my Android phone… As none of the characters are uncommon, I am very surprised.

Could this be a Unicode issue? How does one report this in CentOS? The usual bug tracker?

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  • My first guess would be a faulty characters in whatever font you’re using.

    Compare it with a working font and see if that’s the problem. Type the problematic characters into a text editor. Change the font in the text editor to a different one. Did the character suddenly become correct? If so, you’ve found the problem.

    Then the short-term fix is to use a different (correct) font and the long-term solution will start with filing a bug report against the faulty font.

  • Frank, you are right. I switched from Monospace to DejaVu Sans and the three characters are correctly depicted.

    Now, how do I report the problem with the Monospace font used in CentOS 7?

  • Monospace is probably not the name of the font, but is telling the application to use the default monospace font – which may be set by something else.

    What application is it?

    It’s quite possible that Monospace is actually DejaVu Sans Mono or Liberation Mono or whatever the URW equivalent to Courier is.

    If the glyph is one that uses combining unicode code-points, many monospace fonts do not support all of them properly.

  • I was using Geany, the editor, and there is a font selection Monospace Regular. Again, I am running CentOS 7 and do not believe I have downloaded any additional fonts knowingly.