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Hi all

I would like to install CentOS on this:
– Only a “console” port (the old 9600 baudrate one)
– Boot on USB actived by default Would you know a tutorial helping on installing CentOS on this?

I guess I have to
– download the minimal iso,
– ‘dd’-copy it to a flash USB drive
– setup some files to use the console instead of vga (which ones…?)

My desktopo side, I already have minicom et al installed, just looking for.

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  • From: Mihamina Rakotomandimby

    I would suggest an automated kickstart install, so you would not have to care about console access… If you still need it, google for “kickstart serial console”. You can also use VNC…


  • That’s a neat device you have there.

    If you had a DB9 serial port I’d say you’ll really want a null modem cable to interface with the device (but it doesn’t) – hopefully you know or have the cable necessary to talk to it via the RJ-45 console.

    You may consider using CentOS 5 for the reason below.

    Does your appliance’s CPU support PAE?
    Starting with CentOS 6, the i686 kernels have PAE enabled. If you need one without PAE you’ll have to compile it yourself. Not a huge deal, but certainly not as simple.

    Your best bet in any instance (CentOS 5 or 6) is to build the OS on another piece of hardware or a VM and copy it over to your CF card. There are a few items you’ll want to do to reduce writes to your CF
    card and tune it for the embedded hardware [0].

    Hope this helps!